Melbourne Airport Informational Guide to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL) - Non Official

Melbourne Airport Train

There is no direct rail link between Melbourne Airport and the city center, the connection is made with airport buses and coaches.

Even though, it is possible to combine train and bus to get to the city center:

Melbourne Airport to city center

To pick up the train you have to take 901 bus at Melbourne Airport (to Frankston) straight to Broadmeadows Station. It takes about 20 minutes.

Once there, you can pick up the Craigieburn Line to Flinders Street which is the main Melbourne central business district station. The ride is about 40 minutes. 


From 5 am to 6:30 am daily every 15 minutes’ weekdays, 6:30 am to 9:30 pm every 30 minutes, 9:30 pm to midnight every 30 (Sunday to 9 pm).

Craigieburn Line runs daily from 04:31 am to 11:30 pm.


You can take it at the Terminal 4 Transport Hub. 

Please check the bus section for further details. 

Melbourne City Center to Melbourne Airport

If you wish to travel from Melbourne’s city center to the airport by train and bus you should pick up the Craigieburn line from Melbourne at Flinders Streets and take off at Broadmeadows Station.

From there you can transfer to bus 901 which connects the station with Melbourne Airport. 

Total trip time is about 1 hour. 


You should take in mind that bus connections between Broadmeadows station and Melbourne Airport goes from 6 am to 12am on weekdays.

Tram – Broadmeadows railway station to Melbourne City Center

If you wish to ride the metro to get to the city center from Melbourne Airport, you just have to pick up the Craigieburn line train at Broadmeadows Station and take off at Essendon and then take on the Essendon North PS/Keilor rd metro line till Flinders Street, from where you’ll have several options regarding metro lines. 

Melbourne City Center to Broadmeadows railway station

To get to Melbourne Airport, pick up the metro at Flinders Street (Essendon North PS/Keilor rd line), take off at Essendon stop and pick up Craigieburn line train to Broadmeadows Station. 


Total trip time is about 46 minutes. 

Total trip combined with bus from the Airport: 1.06 hour.


6 am – midnight (daily). 


To ride any mean of public transportation it is compulsory to purchase a Myki card:

One-way trip Adult: A$4.40 (you can purchase it at the airport for A$6 Adults, it has an A$3 commission).

To get to Melbourne city center it is needed to pick up Zone 1/2 Myki card.

For more information regarding Myki card, please contact: 1800 800 007.