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Thursday 08 December 2016
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Melbourne International Airport Terminal, Meet and Greet , on arrival call ariport depot for collection., Melbourne, Melbourne (Australia)
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Melbourne Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Melbourne Airport Departures

Leaving Melbourne airport is swift for those who have made their booking online.there are different flights that make their en route out of the city through the various terminals. And because of this, there are areas where a passenger have been given to seat and wait for their flights at the different terminals. And because of this, every departure is made easy for the user. And when there are flights coming in and en route to other parts of the world, there is always an update of information that would be seen in all the terminals. This information is what would guide a person who wants to leave the city. And when there is a change in the direction of an airline, the passengers are made to be aware of it. Everything that would make departure very easy has been made available for the passenger at the airport.

Melbourne Airport has four terminals for departure which are two domestic terminals, one international terminal and then one budget domestic terminal. These terminals have 56 gates. These gates are 40 domestic and 16 international gates. And for the freighter parking positions, there are five of them which are located on the Southern Freighter Apron. Those who are making use of terminal 1 have QantasLink, Qantas, Jetstar and Qantas Group airlines which are domestic service. This is located in the northern end of the Melbourne airport. It has 16 parking bays that are served by amazing aerobridges.

Terminal 2 handles the international flight departure that is leaving the Airport and the city and has twenty gates with areobridges connecting them. The flights that make use of this Terminal 2 are Malaysia Airlines ,Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand/United Airlines, Emirates Airline and Thai Airways International. This is why the departure from the airport is amazing.

Airliner Flight Destination Status Sched.
Jetstar JQ 474 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Emirates EK 7636 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Qantas QF 5474 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:05
Virgin Australia VA 223 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:10
Etihad Airways EY 6646 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7841 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6932 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:10
Qantas QF 616 Brisbane (BNE) Cancelled 12:10
China Southern Airlines CZ 7589 Brisbane (BNE) Cancelled 12:10
Emirates EK 5616 Brisbane (BNE) Cancelled 12:10
Virgin Australia VA 741 Gold Coast (OOL) En Route 12:10
Etihad Airways EY 6684 Gold Coast (OOL) En Route 12:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7709 Gold Coast (OOL) En Route 12:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6606 Gold Coast (OOL) En Route 12:10
Scoot TZ 25 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:15
Tigerair Australia TT 524 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:15
Jetstar JQ 772 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:20
Qantas QF 35 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
Jet Airways (India) 9W 4009 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
Finnair AY 5014 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
British Airways BA 7403 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
Emirates EK 5035 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
JAL JL 7890 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
China Eastern Airlines MU 8444 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
Bangkok Airways PG 4540 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
SriLankan Airlines UL 3377 Singapore Changi (SIN) En Route 12:20
Virgin Australia VA 1593 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:20
Etihad Airways EY 6761 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:20
Air New Zealand NZ 7503 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:20
Singapore Airlines SQ 6602 Newcastle Williamtown (NTL) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:20
Qantas QF 2080 Mildura (MQL) En Route (Delayed) 12:25
China Eastern Airlines MU 4283 Mildura (MQL) En Route (Delayed) 12:25
Qantas QF 432 Sydney (SYD) En Route (Delayed) 12:30
Virgin Australia VA 843 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Air Berlin AB 5447 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Etihad Airways EY 6304 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Air New Zealand NZ 7003 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Singapore Airlines SQ 6863 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Rex Regional Express ZL 3561 Burnie (BWT) En Route 12:30
Qantas QF 1503 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Emirates EK 5364 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
China Eastern Airlines MU 4252 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:30
Qantas QF 2053 Devonport (DPO) En Route (Delayed) 12:30
Emirates EK 5096 Devonport (DPO) En Route (Delayed) 12:30
Qantas QF 687 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:45
Emirates EK 5687 Adelaide (ADL) En Route 12:45
Jetstar JQ 512 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 12:45
Qantas QF 434 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
British Airways BA 7444 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Emirates EK 5434 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Jetstar JQ 436 Gold Coast (OOL) Scheduled 13:00
Qantas QF 5436 Gold Coast (OOL) Scheduled 13:00
Virgin Australia VA 845 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Air Berlin AB 5443 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Etihad Airways EY 6712 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Air New Zealand NZ 7726 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Singapore Airlines SQ 6819 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:00
Tigerair Australia TT 562 Gold Coast (OOL) Scheduled 13:00
Virgin Australia VA 685 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Air Berlin AB 816 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Etihad Airways EY 6807 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Air New Zealand NZ 7718 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Singapore Airlines SQ 6954 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Qantas QF 769 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Emirates EK 5769 Perth (PER) Scheduled 13:05
Virgin Australia VA 1368 Launceston (LST) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Air Berlin AB 823 Launceston (LST) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Etihad Airways EY 6676 Launceston (LST) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Air New Zealand NZ 7440 Launceston (LST) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Singapore Airlines SQ 6590 Launceston (LST) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Qantas QF 618 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled 13:10
Emirates EK 5618 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled 13:10
Tigerair Australia TT 238 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:10
Qantas QF 812 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:15
Emirates EK 5812 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:15
Jetstar JQ 574 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 13:15
Virgin Australia VA 271 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:20
Air Berlin AB 809 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:20
Etihad Airways EY 6318 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:20
Air New Zealand NZ 7700 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:20
Singapore Airlines SQ 6564 Canberra (CBR) Scheduled 13:20
Royal Brunei Airlines BI 54 Bandar Seri Begawan (BWN) Scheduled 13:25
Qantas QF 436 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:30
British Airways BA 7446 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:30
Emirates EK 5436 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 13:30
Tigerair Australia TT 461 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 13:35
Jetstar JQ 739 Launceston (LST) Scheduled 13:45
Qantas QF 5739 Launceston (LST) Scheduled 13:45
Garuda Indonesia GA 717 Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK) Scheduled 14:00
Etihad Airways EY 8157 Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK) Scheduled 14:00
KLM KL 4051 Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (CGK) Scheduled 14:00
Qantas QF 438 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
British Airways BA 7448 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Emirates EK 5438 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Rex Regional Express ZL 3164 Albury (ABX) Scheduled 14:00
Virgin Australia VA 849 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Etihad Airways EY 6701 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Air New Zealand NZ 7725 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Singapore Airlines SQ 6807 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:00
Virgin Australia VA 331 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:00
Etihad Airways EY 6668 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:00
Air New Zealand NZ 7693 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:00
Singapore Airlines SQ 6903 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:00
Qantas QF 1505 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:05
Emirates EK 5366 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:05
China Eastern Airlines MU 4253 Hobart (HBA) Scheduled (Delayed) 14:05
Qantas QF 620 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled 14:10
Emirates EK 5620 Brisbane (BNE) Scheduled 14:10
Jetstar JQ 444 Gold Coast (OOL) Scheduled 14:15
Qantas QF 5444 Gold Coast (OOL) Scheduled 14:15
Jetstar JQ 940 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 14:30
Qantas QF 5940 Cairns (CNS) Scheduled 14:30
Qantas QF 440 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
British Airways BA 7450 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Emirates EK 5440 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Virgin Australia VA 851 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Etihad Airways EY 6366 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Air New Zealand NZ 7004 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Singapore Airlines SQ 6835 Sydney (SYD) Scheduled 14:30
Jetstar JQ 29 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:35
Qantas QF 265 Bangkok (BKK) Scheduled 14:35
Virgin Australia VA 229 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:40
Etihad Airways EY 6647 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:40
Air New Zealand NZ 7681 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:40
Singapore Airlines SQ 6944 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:40
Qantas QF 689 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:45
Emirates EK 5689 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:45
China Eastern Airlines MU 4218 Adelaide (ADL) Scheduled 14:45
Rex Regional Express ZL 3573 Burnie (BWT) Scheduled 14:50
Jetstar JQ 796 Sunshine Coast (MCY) Scheduled 14:55
Emirates EK 7694 Sunshine Coast (MCY) Scheduled 14:55
Qantas QF 5796 Sunshine Coast (MCY) Scheduled 14:55
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